Animal Cognition Soft Cloth Book

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Educate your kids early on about the various animals there is to learn with this cute Animal Cognition Soft Cloth Book!

Made with non-toxic fabric that is extremely durable and not easily torn apart! It comes in a range of variations of basic things to learn such as farm animals, from different professions to different kinds of food and transportation! It is an absolute must have!

The fabric type instead of a regular paper book is a plus as well, this way, it can be way easier to clean and handled! 

Main Features:

  • The book is made of non-toxic and harmless cloth.
  • The cloth book will make a sasa sound, which will attract the baby's attention.
  • If the cloth book is dirty, you can wash them by hand.
  • Durable and not easy to tear
  • A variety of styles are available, including Farm, Food, Animals, Ocean, and Vehicle recognition. This is a very good early education toy.


  • Age Range: < 3 years old
  • Color: Multicolor, word book, soft book

Package Includes:

1* Animal Cognition Soft Cloth Book