Infant Baby Swaddleme Diaper

$ 29.99

Keep your little bundle of joy snug and protected with our Infant Baby Swaddle me Diaper!

It is a 60*75cm/ 50*70cm cotton swaddle, perfect for your kid's baby sensitive skin! It features a soft Velcro, specially made for babies so it would be easier to close and open the swaddle while also not having a texture that is too harsh for the baby's skin.

It is also specially designed so you can change the baby's diaper without taking the swaddle of all the way so there won't be any cold diaper changes for baby! Grab one now and choose among the many adorable designs!



  • Material: Cotton
  • Sleepsack: Baby Blanket
  • Size: 60*75cm/ 50*70cm


Package Includes:
1*Infant Baby Swaddleme Diaper13


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