Kids Pop Up Tents House

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Give your child the best playset! Our Kids Pop Up Tents House has got you covered!

It features a cartoon based real life house that would definitely be enjoyed by your kids! Use it as a cool ball pit, a mini play pen or just as a safe crawl space! The pop up feature also makes the Kids Pop Up Tents House easy to clean and store so it'll be fun for the kid and it'll be convenient for mom!  

Main Features:

  • Your baby kids will enjoy it, it is one of the most amazing toys for children.
  • It is definitely a winner and after this gift, they will adore you forever!
  • The boy clubhouse is their own magical land, a personal space for them, where their inspirations will pop up so much easier!
  • You'll find they love the play tent for boys so much, to play and even sleep in it all the time!


  • Material safe for kids, durable & doesn't easily get dirty
  • Adorable design & brightly colored Children Tent
  • Large enough to fit 2 kids along with toys
  • For Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Material: Polyester

Package Includes:

1* Kids Pop Up Tents House