Magnetic Construction Set 2.0™ (184 pieces)

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Finding the right toy to help your kids' build their creativity?

Then our Magnetic Construction Set 2.0™ is for you!

These magnetic building blocks give your children virtually limitless possibilities in terms of what they can create or build. All they need to do is simply attach the pieces together, and the magnets will do all the work! 

Just thumb through our product images to see a few examples of what can be created! Plus, it's even fun for adults!

💡 Nurture Your Child's Inner Engineering Genius

💡 Not only is this toy fun to play with, but it also fosters creativity, brain development, and critical thinking!

💡 Safe & Durable

💡 Non-toxic, food-grade quality ABS plastic is used for these building blocks. Each tile also has a smooth edge so they'll never hurt your child's hands.

Easy To Use

💡 These blocks can be assembled easily and even comes with an instruction manual that gives your children ideas for what to build!

Great For Education

💡Each set also comes with letter and number cards that can be used to teach your kids spelling or simple math. The best way to learn is through play!


  • Material: Magnet, ABS food-grade plastic
  • Suitable age: 3 years old and above
  • Maximum waistline: 125cm
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