Sweet Smile Advanced Teeth Whitening Set

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Type: Mom Care

"I’ve been using this less than a week and I can already tell a big difference!"

- Claudia G., Swet Smile Advanced Teeth Whitening Customer


Fast Whitening Effects:  LED accelerator light contains 32 powerful bulbs which speed up the whitening process. 10-30 minutes a day and get white teeth right after several uses

Effective Whitening Gel:  Gluten-free and non-sensitive. We offer 3 powerful Carbamide Peroxide gel syringes to ensure the best results.

Hands-free Operation:  Get those pearly whites in the time it takes to watch half of a Game of Thrones episode. Just pop the tray in your mouth and hit the light button and chill. Wear from 10-30 minutes a day for 7-10 days for full whitening results.

Comes with an oral tray case for storing the mouth tray and detailed instructions for proper use.

Four Stages:

# Stage 1

In the initial stage, 1-3 days, use 0.3-0.5ml gel to complete a course of treatment and find out if you have allergies. Avoid applying the gel directly to the gums and the inside of lips, and avoid excessive saliva.

# Stage 2

In the next stage, 4-7 days, increase the amount of gel.use 0.5ml-0.7ml each time and record the color on the teeth shade guide each time.

# Stage 3

In the third stage, 1-2 weeks, the whitening effect is more significant. Remember-It is forbidden to eat or drink except water for 30 minutes after use, clean it with water.

# Stage 4

After 2 weeks, reaching the final stage of the treatment, the whitening effect reached its peak, which can reduce the amount and frequency of gel use. Maintain daily oral cleansing, and timely replenish the consumption of whitening pens.

We use only the best gel formula in the market.